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>> a horrifying accident in san francisco. woman in a wheelchair is hit by a muni streetcar and dragged down the street. good evening everyone. >> tonight that woman is
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fighting for her life. while another problem with muni tonight could cause problems for riders in the morning. we are live at the corner of market and church with both of these developing stories. >>reporter: man i underground service completely out of service tonight. leaving thousands of passengers stranded and all blamed on a failed transformer. comes on the very same night a woman in wheelchair struck by oncoming trolley at the muni stop at church and market. it was possibly dragged and pinned underneath the train. >> i don't have a specific distance but it appears that she, she made contact with the rear part of the vehicle and was dragged some distance. >> i heard yelling to stop. my heard banging. and i looked outside by window and saw a man banging on the back of the f
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train as still slowly moving. >>reporter: billy heard the ci of witness telling the trolley driver to stop. he then shot this video from the apartment moments after the accident as firefighters work to rescue the woman. >> then i realize somebody was actually stuck under there. >>reporter: victim was rushed to the hospital. at the very same time of the accident a transformer blew at the van ness muni station shutting down all subway service to the city and sent immune nye chaos and stranded thousands of passengers who didn't know what was happening. >> been here grave minutes. very painful. >>reporter: how are you feeling about this whole thing. >> very upset. it's sad what happened to the lady but very upsetting that i'm not home yet. >>reporter: bus shuttle activated but riders say those were few and far between. and totally packed with riders. >> i'm trying to figure out how to get home now frustrating. they said they'll have shuttle out i don't know what that means. >>reporter: muni told
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passengers to be patient. >> there's significant dray throughout the subway because nothing is running. there is no power. we are working to fix it as soon as possible. >>reporter: muni says the blown transformer possibly blamed on this weekend storm. it's working to restore power to the subway train and hopes to restore all the trains by the morning commute. meantime the victim who was struck by a trolley train is in critical condition tonight. police are investigating. live in san francisco tonight, abc 7 news it all right car nell thank you. to find out if man i up and running in the morning be sure to tune in to the morning news that starts at 4:30 am. >> well after 3 storms we are going on storm watch for the fourth time in a week. >> all we need. another system on its way and sandy is tracking the next system as it moves in. >> let me show you live doppler 7 h d.we have some very light
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returns around ukiah. we have our own doppler on mount saint helena tracking the system for you. as i take you in a little bit closer here very light rain like i said around ukiah. around highway 2 53. old river road as we look across other parts of the bay area fish rock road very light returns just east of point arena and we'll continue to see the development of some rainfall. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. north bay is where the light rain is falling. 7:00 a.m. still in the north bay this is look at the morning 9:00 a.m. still in the north bay but that will be changing as we head into 11:00 a.m. a little more wide spread to the north and as we lack terrain fall percent of normal the last 3 storms wished us well above average. santa rose 178 percent of normal. san francisco 160. oakland 153 and san jose 129 even surrounding areas you could i a-sacramento, well above normal for this time of year with more rawn coming with the next system that will
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push the total even higher. back with a lack at the rest of your timing of this system when it will reach the rest of the system in a few minutes. >> new at 11:00. im pending rain comes as repair crew and residents still dealing with the damage from the last storm system. one major problem is a roadway in the santa cruz mountain washed out. lillian kim joins us from the south bay with that story. >> it's definitely been harder to get through certain parts of the santa cruz mountains the past couple days. no telling how long it will stay this way l. pg&e crew worked as fast as they could taking advantage of the break in the weather. this road in the santa cruz mountains was just one trouble spot. road was closed to traffic in both directions after a falling tree took a power line down during the weekend storm. >> we have outside crew helping us from different area and that will help us out tremendously. so when you get hit hard the help comes from everywhere an it feels good when they do.
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>>reporter: but no amount of outside help can fix this section of vine hill road any time soon. county workers say it's going to take some time to figure out how to repair it. half the road came crumbling down after the soil beneath the asphalt absorbed too much water. clogged culvert may have contributed to the problem. people are disappointed. 3000 motor iingtd use the road every day as shortcut to south santa cruz county. for now rest didn't told to use alternate roads. >> scary. a lot of sand in the soil here so i guess it's high time something like this the happen with all the rain but my husband is pretty bumped. he will take an extra to 30 minute to get to work in the morning now. pishltion county workers say could it take several months before vine hill road is fixed but the one remaining lane could reopen as early as tomorrow afternoon. live in the santa cruz mountains, lillian kim abc 7 news. >> thanks. >> it could be weeks or even
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months before this road is repaired. water line under mountain view drive ruptured causing the trod collapse early sunday. that section will remain closed whale crew fix the drainage system and rebuild the road. already fixed the gasoline and water pipe and repair expected to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> stay with us for continuing storm watch coverage track the system come in any time with life doppler 7 hd at 7 firefighters rescued a family house fire in concord today. this is the scene on ridge drive. firefighters arrived about 4 this afternoon. no one was home at the time. investigators still aren't sure how the fir started but the house was substantially damaged especially the roof which is made out of cedar. investigators looking into deadly cabin fire near fairfax last friday now say the fire was caused by a marijuana growing operation. the coroner office has yet to identify the body found burned in the cabin in remote cascade canyon.
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spawl shed was www. pot plant grow light found there. fire chef says the source of the blaze was the illegal wiring feeding electricity to that shed. >> we have new details tonight about a broad daylight robbery at palo alto walgreens. surveillance photo shows the man leaving the university avenue store this afternoon take a good look here. police say he pulled a gun on pharmacist and demanded pain reliever oxycontin. made off with one bottle. just yesterday similarly dressed man around the cvs in cupertino police say he demanded cash in that incident. investigators not said whether 2 robberies are connected but certainly a big part of the investigation. >> former commander of contra costa county narcotics task force is pleading guilty to drug charges. attorney for norman welsh tells us that his client will add mit to 5 federal counts wednesday in oakland. charges include conspiracy to sell marijuana and methamphetamine, theft, robbery and civil rights violations. he was caught in
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federal sting operation in february of last year. with guilty plea he faces a minimum of 10 years in prison. after 16 months of bargaining tentative agreement on the table between the port of oakland and 81 workers and will vote on the contract this wednesday. this agreement comes just as oakland is getting extra business because of a port strike in long beach and los angeles. clerical workers there are in their seventh day of a strike. dock workers honoring the pickets lines and shifts are stalled or diverted to other ports such as oakland. >> coming up next. baby announcement heard around the world. prince william and his wife kate are expecting. but kate is in the hospital. why it can't be called just morning sicknesses either. >> northern california magician set on fire on television. ways it a prank or something else? >> as you have heard here rain on the way again. 7 news has leif look at doppler
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>> prince william and wife kate e expecting. news they didn't want to share with th world yet but the trip today to the hospital forced their hand. kateis suffering from rare condition that causes extreme nausea far beyond mornin sicknesses. al help has more. >>reporter: this is a severe form of morning sicknesses that debill taste expecng mother causing severe voomenting weight loss and dehydration. it's a rare conditi but i was able to find a woman who suffered from the same thing. >> i cried. i really cldn't believe that i had to live another day. >>reporter: when she was pregnant with baby dean shead all of the classic symptoms of hype hg an extreme form of morning sicknesses that mad caring for the 4 and 2-year-old children unbearabl task. >> i couldn't change my daughter's diaper because ias so nauseous. i would start changing it and just lion the
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floor because i didn't have the energy. i just my stomach was always i felt so queasy. >> the same acute morng sicknesses that duchess of cambridge kate middleton is reportedly going through. buckingham palace forced to the announce her pregnancy after prince william seen with his wife whisked tthe hospital. in a rest interest interview with katie princwilliam hinted they may preparg to start a family. >> i'm just family we are looking forward to having a family in the future. >> i lost weight during the rst trimester. just all throughout actually i didn't gain whole lot of weight. >>reporter: lastime the world saw the duchess she was playing field hockey on friday. picture of health. now doctorsay she could likely lose up toontinue pounds and suffer from intense nausea that can last the entire pregnancy. doctor say women with hg oftentimes need to be hydrated with iv and givenupplementary nutrient believed hg is caused by higher levels of a
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pregnancy hormo common in mothers with a similar at any rate. >> hg isore common in people carrying twins. >>reporter: leslie did not have twins and so far buckingham palace is keeping everyone guessing. >> the palace says the royal hiness expected to stay in the hospital for several days and she will require a long period of rest because this panful ordeal could last the entire pregnancy. >> allen reporting for us. learn much more about katand what she's going through tonight on night loon medley following this newscast. >> sanitation workers blame a clogge sewer line for another big sewage spill in san anseo. happened again. deo provided by the sanitary district of backed up broken sewer lines all over this area. sewage started to spew out of manhole on broad moore avenue about 8:00 a.m. sday. about ,000 gallons spilled. not sure if it rea the sleepy hollow creek however >> president obama urged
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twitter llowers on monday to support his position on fiscal cliff debate. president wants debt reduction that includes higher taxes on the wealthy. congressional replicans came one a counter proposal. their plan would reduce the naonal debt by 2.2 trillion including 800 biion in new tax revenue but no tax increase for the top 2% of earners. if congress and president can not reach an agreement income taxes will automatically go up for nearly all americans. >> 7 news teaming up with a job journal for another higher event. cawt have more than 350 jobs available at the free event in san jose. >> among the company hiring, hyatt regency santa clara. california army nional guard. new york life insurance an financial services as well as sleep traino what to do bring the sume to the double tree hotel in san jose from noon until 4 tomorrow. good opportunity to perhaps find the job you are looking for. >> magician from chico is recovering from severe burns to
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his head and face it happened while wayne was performing on television in the dominican public and thehow host douses himith cologne that is flammable. the head burst in flames. suffed first second degree burns altugh he's optimistic that the face will heal his hands remain badly injured. dominican authorities issued aarrant for the television host arrest. >> unbelievable. strange. horrible. >> let's focus on the storm we ha been talking about that is movingn yet again. >> many sand ya is tracking it for us >> the next storm that is coming in the nearl as intense as the last 3 that manufactured through the bay area. you can see around late onville moderatrain falling rate now. heavy even in pocket poets. ukiah reporting very light rain the last couple of hours taking you down to street level. see central avenue east school way east side roa seeing light even a little pocket of moderate rain here. lighshowers right around the lake port area. no moisture
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hasn't rched us yet. now here are the storm total from wednesday through sun. 3 storms from last week amounted to more than 16 inches of rain up near the rsian river and far northern end of sonoma county. santa rosa close to the 8 inches. over that in san rafael. san francisco 3.78. go down the list. oakland close to 4. livermore right up there and san jose with just under 2 and a half inchesf rain. we are not seeing impressive rain total with this next system coming. look at that in a moment. temperatures rate now mainly i the 50's. we have some cloud increasing. north barain by early morning. rain in all 80's for wednesday and it's going to be a dryer pattern beginning on thursday. here's a look at the rar and satellite. high pressure provided us with nasty break today butthe next storm is coming and this storm system not so strong. mild air mass associated with it so t's look at the computer anation beginning at:00 a.m. north bay where you will see some wet
12:19 am
roadway as some of your going out the door heading off to basically get to work or if takinghe kid out this is where the rain will be focused even at 11:00 a.m. so make sure they ve umbrella. 5:00 p.m. the rain line actually shifts a little bit to e north and then we will see a few shower possibly developing along the coast but really wednesday morning commute that does not look very go right now. looks messy. airfield may picking you have up heavy rain at 5:00 a.m. wide spread rain on wednesday. 9:00 a.m. still going. this is slow moving systemut not quite as strong as what we saw last week once again wednesday at 5:00 p.m. theevening commute looks a little bit on the west side and then as we head that thursday all be done early thursday. rainfall total look like thisp to inch and a half in the north bay mountains. up to inch in the santa cruz mountains. inch in the nth bay and less really across the rest of the bay area through thursday morning. tomorrow morning make sure you grab a
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sweater or jacket. it's cool in some areas. mid upp 40's in the valley. see the showers in the north bay so grab umbrella aernoon. wettest roadway still in the north bay until the evening. later on low to mid 60's east bay peninsula soh bay. may need the umbrella across the rest of the bay yea grab them when you head out the door. low to mid 60's monterey bay. upming thursday is raiders day her at 7 news. we are carrying the game against the broncos at l the coliseum. 58 degrees at 5:20. 56 by 8:30. partly clou and dry accueather 7 day forecast rain tomorrow mainly north everywhere on wednesy. dryhursday earliest sunset for raiders day 4:50 p.m. earliest sunset of the year. i have changed the focast dray for the weekend but cool. yes. bigstst chang change. mike here from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. with the updates. >> i like that. >> few minutes ago that's all good. >> thanks sandhya.
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>> coming up next. how amy is inspiring a new generation of baby names. >> love this. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it.
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♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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>> more and more parents go for apple products an not talking about phone or computer or gadget but baby names. >> i'm not capable of love. >>reporter: the voice on the phone 5 is one of the trendy names. according to survey by parenting app baby center the name suri jumped 5 percen over last year mack went up 12 percent and apple aa name saw a rise of 15 percent. >> oh, boy. fans are getting ready for raiders day this thursd rate here on 7. many of yoursening in the fan photo. this is xavier and aden already looking like they have season tickets in the black hole. we invait to you e-mail photos to o web site. we'll post the photo at abc 7 new and show some of them on the air. >> they look fired up. >>bsolutely. >> larry off tonight. >>ike is here. we are talking niners now. >> frainer day. jim harbaugh
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says don't count alesmitht ou out. magic and orlando highlights
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>> last week i said making a quarterback change in december not standard procedure but the coach wouldn't listen. collin suffered a first loss in 3 starts yesterday in st. louis.
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collin is inexperienced and showed yesterday called for intentional grounding on the throw from the own end zone. that's a safety. lost this an option play. game the ram a touch down and tied the game t theoach took the blame focalling the play. he has a big upside but why suffer through the growing pains during the play off stretch. known commodity and harbaugh said don't count him oychlt alex is not out of this. him if we feel like alex is one of our guys. he's won us a lot of football games and he will be pairing himsel to play in each of the games every single week. >> monday night football. a manninand giants take on griffin and redskins. second quarter manning finds tight end. 280 yarpassing. one for eli. 13-10 at the half. broke t

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